AND YOU ARE...?​​​​​​​
Kat: I guess it's time, we have to do it one way or another, how else people are going to find out what kind of people we are?
Kinga: But this is so awkward, it's not like people will tell us apart anyways!
Kat: True. But we can't just leave the page blank, and if we both are not the best at words then what do we do?
Kinga: I've got an idea! How about we draw each other? In the end we both graduated from art school, we should know something about drawing! Even though I can't draw a human body but...
Kat: ...are you kidding me? Can't do better than a stick man, barely passed that school so there is no way I can draw a damn face! No way you can convince me to do that.
Kinga: Well... even if I buy you a coffee? 
Kat: ...

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