Travelling sucks and airports are a massive struggle, it’s a nightmare process, even worse when you get a seat on a plane next to crying, puking from every hole in his face kid. Worse, if you get a seat next to a really talkative person and you are really not in the mood. That talkative person can always be someone who doesn’t even speak your language, imagine that. Or maybe when you paid extra for window seat only to find out that someone is sitting in there already and you can’t get it back. 

Why risk it?

What if your flight gets delayed and you will be stuck on the airport forever, what if during your long, annoying flight the zombie apocalypse is going to happen, or the laws in the country will change to the point you will be stuck like Tom Hanks in The terminal?
What if your car will break in the middle of the highway and you will get chased by the evil clowns?
What if you will miss your flight or bus because you thought it’s Wednesday today, not Thursday?
What if your luggage will weight 20.5kg not 20.00kg and there’s no way you could repack it?
What if they just simply lose your luggage and you had all the most important of your belongings in there?
What if your flight is the one in 4.7 million to crash and you get to star in a real life version of Lost?
What if just because the only language you know is English, you go to some exotic country and some sheik will try to sell you for two pigs and a donkey?
What if you activate the alarm when you go through airport security and they have to search you but you are really ticklish and you know you won’t stay still and serious?
What if you actually go somewhere for a perfect trip but you meet the love of your life and you know you won’t be able to see them ever again, maybe you just simply forget to ask for their contact details and it will haunt you till the rest of your days?
What if you eat the dodgiest kebab possible from a kebab truck in Turkey and you end up getting food poisoning day before your flight?
What if you just simply get super ill because of the climate change and miss half of your trip?
What if because of jet lag you will sleep through the other half of the trip?
What if because of Brexit you realise you are not that rich anymore in other countries but you keep forgetting about it and keep spending even more and more until you end up with a minus on your bank account?
What if your flight gets cancelled and you will be forced to buy a new ticket back home but you don’t have enough money after your trip and no one to contact for help?

Something always goes wrong,
Stay at home.
October 2016
Author: Kat
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